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KJV 1611: Perfect!

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A Conviction, Not a Preference

(Part One – Chapters 1-9)

By Dr. Roy L. Branson, Jr.

PO Box 757, Bristol, TN 37621 (423) 878-8542

Placed on the Internet by permission of author

Dedicated to the late Dr. David Otis Fuller

One of the noblest defenders of the Word of God in the twentieth century.

Table of Contents (for all chapters)

  1. Relief From Greek Speak and Manuscript Babble
  2. How the Author Became a KJV Advocate
  3. No Manuscript or Greek Skills Needed
  4. Greek, Other Versions Undermine Faith
  5. Ego Is the Felon that Fuels Renderings
  6. Rummagers Violate Convictions of Others
  7. Time to Put Up the Barbed Wire!
  8. Rooting for Roots, and Euthanasia
  9. What is a Ruckmanite?
  10. The Opposition: The Rummagers Speak
  11. Easy Reading on Manuscripts and Autographs, If You Care
  12. Choose Just One: An Infallible Pope; An Infallible Rummager; Or, An Infallible Bible
  13. Jehoiakim: An Early Rending Rummager
  14. Christians Cavalier About the Bible
  15. Can Churches Be Turned Back To the Bible – The Real Bible -The King James?
  16. Summary and Conclusion

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Chapter 1


Do you believe Jesus Christ got drunk and had a knife fight at a wild party? (Read on, below)

You are tired of hearing about old manuscripts, Greek and Hebrew debates, and reading endless explanations of why such and such a word in the “original language” had a “root” the meaning of which is…….or hearing that some word or verse is “unfortunately translated” in the King James as…. And, you really are not interested in Alephs, uncials and codices, whatever they are.

What you really would like to know is if there is a Bible, somewhere, that you can read in your language, that you can trust in every case, and is all between one set of covers.

Here is relief!

In these pages you will find simple, common sense, easy to understand and impossible to refute reasons proving that the King James 1611 is the ONLY Word of God in English; THE Bible that you can read in your language, trust in every word, and have it all between one set of covers. You need examine no manuscript, nor know a single word of Greek or Hebrew, own a Greek lexicon, dictionary nor any other such thing. In fact, you probably are better off by far if you do not.

Oh, how pleasant it would be if no preacher, teacher or professor had such fancied “helps.” If we could somehow blank their collective minds of all the Greek they had ever learned, and hide all their Greek and Hebrew texts, lexicons and the like, we would do the faith of Christ better service than one would have done the ladies of London if they could have somehow kept all sharp instruments from the hands of Jack the Ripper.

Forget the Manuscripts and the Original Languages!

You do not need them, and neither does anyone else! Much, much too much is made of so-called “manuscript evidence.” It is true that advocates of the KJV can present overwhelming manuscript support for the KJV, but there are better ways to determine today just what and where the Word of God is. This will shock many of our scholars, and surely will bring some derision upon the author, but there are more certain ways to judge the translations – ways that everyone can easily understand. That is what we intend to illustrate in the following pages.


“There is so little difference in the various versions that this issue really isn’t important,” version scavengers and Greek browsers tell us; and that is what most Christians have been led to believe. However, the differences between the KJV and even the best of other versions is vast, and defending the King James 1611 is not only necessary, but vital to the very faith delivered by our fathers. Let us note just a very few differences, and then we shall proceed as scheduled.

Illustration 1:

Jesus in a drunken knife fight? (See above) What a blasphemous thing. But that is exactly what one of the most popular translations in history says of Him. Zechariah 13:6 clearly is a prophecy of the betrayal and sacrifice of Jesus, referring to the nail scars in his hands. The Bible, the real Bible, the KJV, properly translates it, And one shall say unto him, What [are] these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

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KJV 1611 Under Attack

How Can I Be Saved
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